Meet Our FounderS



M.D. & Founder, Slim Sutra, Slimming Expert & Yogacharya

Mrs. Shelly Khera is an acclaimed dietician, nutritionist, slimming expert & a world renowned Yogacharya. Her television program on Yoga has a dedicated audience all over the world. She's also a column writer with various health magazines. After 15 years of teaching, she has dedicated her life to the perfection of the health philosophy and is committed to share its benefits with society at large.

She has been on the panel of Gladrags Megamodel & Manhunt Contest 2010  as the Health & Fitness Expert for the grooming of the contestants. She also partnered with Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for training their young singing contestants for their complete physical & mental fitness along with potentiating the vocal flexibility. She was also a guest speaker at Tata AIG’s launch of Lifa (Lady Independent Financial Advisor) to spread awareness on staying slim and fit for working women.

Shellyji has over the past few years researched the concept of slimming and has put together a plethora of slimming and spot reduction services which ensure the least chance of the lost weight bouncing back. During her yoga sessions, she noticed a lot of men and women who enrolled where the unsatisfied clients who after losing a good amount of weight with a slimming centre got all or more of it back. That’s what led her to find a system without loopholes that ensures maintenance of lost weight and she proudly stands by its conception.

Shellyji, not only emphasizes on physical well-being, but also believes that, “Making your mind ready for the kind of change that your body will go through is extremely essential. Also, if you are not mentally prepared to make the healthy way of living as a lifestyle change, the weight or the erratic lifestyle is likely to bounce back.”

She also added, “Slimming does not always mean being healthy so we, at Slim Sutra, make sure that we combine health and slimming of the body at the same time and prepare body to accept the change in healthy manner so that you maintain your inches for a longer period of time.”



Cosmetologist & Director, Slim Sutra

Dr. Shamoly Khera is a Cosmetic Physician and Aesthetician. She completed her medical education from K. J. Somaiya Medical College and post graduate degree in Cosmetology from Indian Institute of Cosmetology (I.I.C.) in Mumbai. She recently contributed to a research study on the effect of sunscreens and has introduced skin care and skin rejuventaing services at Slim Sutra. She was a guest speaker at Tata AIG’s launch of Lifa (Lady Independent Financial Advisor) to spread awareness on daily skin care and importance of skin maintenance for working women.

Dr. Shamoly believes in a good daily skin care routine for a flawless skin with minimal breakouts or signs of ageing. Products which suit your skin type are extremely important and good amount of investment of time in the same is essential till you discover the one that suits you best. She highly emphasizes the daily use of liberal amount of sunscreen since Indian skin tend to darken post the age of 40 and reversing the effects then becomes more slower and difficult. Prevention is thus the key to have a youthful skin for longer. She believes in various modalities of skin rejuvenating and skin clearing services to aid the problems of skin from teenage acne to hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Check out our Skin Solutions page for the various skin-aiding services she has started off at Slim Sutra. A personal consultation with Dr. Shamoly is encouraged for customers walking in for skin care issues.